Thursday, August 12, 2010

Things I Know About Love

Sometimes love is like flying through a large flock of turkeys...

Livia's had a rough time of it lately, what with surviving leukemia and all. Her sixth form year (she's British) was awkward and quiet, having spent too much time in hospitals and not enough time at parties. Her summer promises to be much more entertaining as she gets to spend an entire month in Princeton, NJ, where her older brother is finishing a year of his studies. She's only an hour away from New York and her brother's cute friend Adam from back home is also in Princeton. Oh, did she mention how cute Adam is? Now if only her mum and brother would stop worry so much about her leukemia relapsing.

In a slight narrative twist, author Kate le Vann alternates between long blog entries by Livia and shorter ones by Adam. Yes, they are both big nerds - she loves Star Trek and he loves computers - but they both freely admit it. The other thing is...Adam is completely 100% head-over-heels for Livia. Up to this point Livia doesn't think she knows much about love, only having had 1.5 experiences with it, but she's determined to find out as much as she can with Adam.