Friday, August 20, 2010

The Rise of Renegade X

Another hit by a first-time author (Chelsea M. Campbell).  At least, I think so.  If any of you have ever seen the movie Sky High, this book is kind of like that, only more on the irreverent side and geared toward a more grown-up audience.  So don't let the cover fool you into thinking that it's a cute, quirky story.  Okay, it is quirky, but definitely for the high school crowd.

Damien Locke is turning 16, and in Golden City where superheros and supervillains abound, this is a big deal.  Why?  Because Damien is the son of a supervillain and at midnight on his 16th birthday his right thumbprint will rearrange itself into a V for villain.  But when midnight comes, the worst thing in the world happens...his thumbprint morphs into an X.  This can only mean one thing: his father, who he has never known, was actually a superhero.  Caught in between two worlds - hero and villain - Damien finds himself having to choose between his mother and father, his ex-girlfriend & supervillain Kat (who he still really likes but won't admit it) and his wannabe sidekick Sarah (who wants him to be a hero), and whether or not he can overcome his debilitating fear of heights to see if he can fly.

It was hard to put this book down!  This is going to be a book that almost any teenage boy, into superheros or not, will love.


  1. Hey, villians and heroes with marks appearing at a certain age? Sounds similar to that one vampire series! Nevertheless, looks like a title I would love too - may I borrow your copy?

  2. Yes you may! Elisha's got it right now, but I bet you can read it fast before she gets to it. Since school has started and she's got at least 2 other books she has to read (from me), I think she can be convinced.