Monday, July 2, 2012


High school freshman and best friends Amanda and Lena are already planning their soccer season together - suffering through on the junior varsity squad until some of the seniors graduate.  Having played soccer together for years they are a great duo, despite Amanda battling Sever's disease (where your bones grow faster than your muscles and tendons).  Yet, both of them still dream about making varsity as freshman (who doesn't?), but when Lena actually does, leaving Amanda behind on JV, their friendship starts to unravel. Lena makes new friends, leaving Amanda even more alone but determined to not be a total loser - on and off the soccer field.

Brendan Halpin has a fun and breezy style of writing.  This is a quick, enjoyable book and Halpin does a decent job of getting teen girls right.  About the soccer...I couldn't say, having never played and only watched a few matches in college because I was dating a soccer player at the time.  Having read more books than I've watched soccer matches, I do think this could be a great read for female reluctant readers.

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