Friday, December 16, 2011

Fixing Delilah

I'm trying something new this time.  I made an Animoto video for a summary!  Yay me!  FYI: Animoto is really easy to use but I am so picky that making this took forever and a couple days.  But without further ado I give you Fixing Delilah...

Sarah Ockler has such a sweet and simple way of writing real characters.  Reading her books are always a very rich experience, like eating a great meal with good friends - the kind that takes hours.

This book was sent to me by a publisher and is up for grabs - anyone who posts a comment by January 6th will go in a drawing for the book!


  1. Jasmine,
    Congrats on your first Animoto review! Good job! I think this is almost guaranteed to appeal to teens: lakes, old friends turning into more than friends, secrets!
    Becky P.

  2. Jasmine,
    I love the Animoto! What a great way to preview a book!! The book looks awesome!

    1. LeAnn - you've been chosen to receive the book! Congrats! Should I mail it to you or do you want me to bring it with me to Jump Start?