Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Conspiracy 365 Series

In previous posts I have reviewed January and February of this series.  Ya'll may think I'm getting lazy but since it's another series that I read all the way through without interruption I'm going to do one review.  So this is March through December.  And because I don't think you really care about seeing all the covers I'm just doing March and December.

When we left Cal, his foot was stuck in between rails of a subway track with a train hurtling toward him.  Okay, so not to be a big downer but we know he lives because it's a series of 12 books.  Each book ends with Cal in a very bleak situation (except the last one, of course).  As he starts to discover more and more about the Dangerous Mystery of the Ormonds, or DMO as he and his best friend Bogues start calling it, he makes some new friends, some new enemies, and finds himself in so many incredible and near-death experiences it's hard to believe.  Cal flies a home-made experimental aircraft, hang glides, is stranded in the cruel Australian Outback, survives numerous explosions and fights, and more!  So adults, use your willing suspension of disbelief because middle school boys are going to eat these up!

Here's the catch, the primary book publisher is from Australia so purchasing them from your local Barnes & Noble, or online, is going to be tough and/or pricey.  Usborne Books is the United States distributor so if you think these books are right for your collection you'll have to talk to your local Usborne rep.  You can also go to for more information.  These are great hi-low books and fast reads!


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