Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Conspiracy 365: January

The cover of this book would suggest that I would be blown away. Something certainly looks like it exploded anyway. Although, I can't say that I was thrilled, Australian crime novelist Gabrielle Lord has certainly created a high/low thriller for late middle/early high school boys. Set in Australia, fifteen-year-old Callum Ormond gets a warning from a crazed man on New Year's Eve - his father wasn't killed by some mysterious illness, he was murdered, and someone or a group of people are after him and he must disappear for the next 365 days. Cal is a bit startled by the warning but proceeds with life as usual. However, that night Cal almost drowns in a boating "accident." Not long after, his house is broken into, he's kidnapped, and framed for attempted murder. Cal decides that for his safety and the safety of his family he must take to a life on the run. At the same time, he must solve a mystery his father left him that has a connection with the people who are after him.

The first book in the installment, January takes a while to get going, but promises much more to come with a new book for every month being released consecutively this year.

To keep with Cal and all the Conspiracy books visit the author's website.

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