Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Even though it was three very long years since Brisingr came out, Inheritance was more than worth the wait.  The detail of the story is so rich and I really felt like all the characters got to have a chance to shine, even Elva who creeps me right out.  The relationship between Eragon and Arya became both beautiful and excruciating.  My most favorite relationship was developed between two of the most unlikely people, but I can't say who in case you haven't read the book yet (even though you probably have because it's taken me so long to write the dang review).  But it's a really good one!  The only character I wanted to know just a little more about was Angela.  We never got her back story, but maybe that would have lessened her mystique too much.

One of the best parts of any of these books is figuring out who gets the dragon that's pictured on the cover, and this one is just as fantastic!  Oh and by the way, I want my own dragon.  So if anyone knows of one for cheap (let's face it, I'm a public servant), let me know.

My favorite part of the whole book though was the very end.  I rarely feel so satisfied at the end of a series.  Hats off to you Paolini for taking your time to bring closure to the story and not rush things.  After the big stuff is over, there are almost 100 pages that are used to tell the reader who ended up where and how.  With an ending like that, who needs an epilogue?  So thank you many times over Christopher! 

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