Tuesday, October 4, 2011


This was quite the quirky little book. It's only available in e-book format and it's only 114 pages.  It was a quick read and the writing style is definitely breezy.  What's also fun is that it's about a young adult - not a teenager, an adult who is still very young.

Fair Finley is officially in charge of her very own hotel: The Wilfair.  Built by her grandfather in the 1940s the hotel, on the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax in L.A. (hence the hotel's name), the hotel was added on to over the years, mostly at the whims of her eccentric yet somewhat business-ruthless parents.  From the first level on up the styles of the hotel are themed: Traditional, Spanish, Deco, Rococo, Gothic-Storybook, Mission, and Modern.  The Wilfair also has the 500 Dip Bar.  That's right, a restaurant with 500 different kinds of creamy dips.  What they don't have is a pool.  Finley, has been charged with stealing the pool from the embattled establishment around the corner: the Fairwil.  The Wilfair tried adding an entire pool level once but all that's left of it is a drip in Finley's office.  As Finley tries to reconcile her less-than-pushy personality (she solves every guest problem with a fruit basket) with the demands of her parents, she finds herself in some strange circumstances.  The Fairwil seems to be haunted and the young cousins that run it, Monty and Gomery, are pretty dreamy. 

This may not appeal to many teens but I really liked it.  So this might be one for you grown-ups!  The only drawback is the tendency of Fair to get wordy and to mash up words.  At first it was funny, but then it just got a little too gimmicky.  But, once the next in the series is released, I'll be downloading it post-haste.  The growing swoon between Fair and one of the Montgomeries will be more than worth it!

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  1. Hey NVA!

    Thanks for the good word on the book; I love your take on it. I had a quick question but couldn't find your email. I'm at wilfairbook@gmail.com.

    Thanks so much, Alysia