Friday, September 9, 2011

The New World

Hello friends and fellow YA book lovers!  How's your day?  Bright and shinny I hope!  You really are a sharp bunch and good-lookin to boot!

Now that I've buttered you up, I must ask you to not throw tomatoes at me.  Why?  Because this is going to be another seriously short review.  Before you get all huffy and puffy let me explain/blame it on Patrick Ness.  He's the one who only made this 23 pages long!  I demanded more from my Nook but it blatantly ignored me.

The New World is a short story prequel to Ness' Chaos Walking series.  Featuring just Viola and her family, the reader gets more insight into Viola's character before she crash lands into Todd's life.  You might think that since it's only 23 pages Ness could have worked it into the other books, possibly in flash backs.  Let me stop you right there...I thought the same thing at first but in all honesty it would have ruined things before they were revealed.  So there you have it! 

Oh and uh, it's only available as an ebook - you can take that one up with the publisher!

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