Monday, August 1, 2011

The Reinvention of Moxie Roosevelt

This is going to be a shorter than normal review.  Now before ya'll go all bug-eyed on me and start complaining, let me tell you why.  I read this book because it's on the 2012 YARP/South Dakota Teen Choice Book Award list for middle school.  I will be book talking this at the South Dakota Library Association's annual conference in Spearfish this fall.  So, I kinda want things to be a surprise.

I will say that while some parts were kinda unbelievable, the story was still really cute and funny.  Elizabeth Cody Kimmel remembers what its like to be a young teen girl trying to figure out just who she is.  And so what if some times I thought to myself "no high school freshman would think this maturely without major parental intervention or a brain transplant"?  Some times its good to have these books so that teen girls can help themselves find words to put with their crazy, hormonal, and irrational feelings.

But if you're really jonesing for some more information on it, the annotated list for all the YARP books can be found right here!  If you want more information, well you're just going to have to come to conference! 

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