Friday, July 1, 2011

My Fair Godmother

I can't tell whether this chick on the book cover looks more like Emma Roberts or a teenage Emma Thompson.  Either way, she's an Emma and her outfit isn't anything like what the book describes her wearing - ever.  Well okay, she does wear sunglasses most of the time.  But when an author, like Janette Rallison, goes to the trouble of describing in detail what people wear and the cover art doesn't match...I just don't get it.  Seriously, how hard is it?  Anyhoo...

Be careful what you wish for.  More importantly, you might want to think the wish over for a while (even if your fairy godmother tells you she's missing a shoe sale waiting for your wish), maybe even write out a few drafts.  Because if your fairy godmother is Chrysanthemum Everstar, a.k.a Chrissy, and you ask for Prince Charming you'll get exactly what you wished for Cinderella or Snow White style - complete with a jaunt back to the Middle Ages and with all the crap they went through before said prince comes along.  Keep in mind, that just because he's good looking doesn't mean he's actually nice or smart.

After her boyfriend dumps her for her older sister, this is precisely what happens to Savannah Delano.  Although Chrissy is a fairy godmother, she didn't do so well with some of her tests in fairy godmother school so she's only a "fair" godmother...for good reason.  Granted three wishes and under the regulations of wishing, Savannah finds herself in increasingly awful situations as the servant Cinderella and the complete airhead Snow White.  Finally, when trying to clarify for Chrissy what she really wants in a guy, her school mate Tristan, who has a crush on her, is banished to the Middle Ages to prove himself worthy.  Savannah finds herself bringing some 21st Century smarts and technology back in time to "rescue" Tristan.

While sometimes predictable, the story has all the classic elements from any Medieval fairy tale: the dwarfs, wicked stepmother/evil queen, an ogre, a dragon, plenty of poorly maintained teeth, princes, castles, mutton, and a black knight.  (I know you're thinking it, so just go ahead and say it out loud, "The Black Knight always triumphs!")  It's funny with some definitely snort worthy moments and a pretty kick-butt leading lady, even if she's not always taken seriously or appreciated by other characters in the book.  A very enjoyable read!    

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