Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Plain Kate

Something old, something new
Something borrowed, and something blue

At least all that's true with the cover art...

Kate is neither beautiful or rich.  In fact, she is very plain and very poor.  The only remarkable things about her are her skills at wood carving - learned from her father - and eyes that are two different colors.  Both of these things are not in her favor though.  Her village is very superstitious and hard times have fallen.  A young, fatherless girl with no one to defend her is an easy target for blame.  Fearing that she will be burned at the stake as a witch, she makes a deal with a strange albino man, Linay who comes through her village.  Linay will grant her the greatest wish of her heart in exchange for her shadow.  At first, this seems a trifling thing - giving up your shadow when all you want is one true friend.  But a shadow, or lack thereof, are a very noticeable thing. 

So about the little poem at the beginning...the magic portrayed in the story is similar to the folklore that would have been around in Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages and the early colony days of America.  However, the details of Kate's deal with Linay gave it a new twist.  Author, Erin Bow definitely borrowed some of the folklore of the Romany people as well.  The blue...well look at the picture above.

I expected to love this book...I liked it, but I'm not sad that there's not a sequel. 

Note: This is a YALSA 2011 Best Fiction for Young Adults pick

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  1. "I expected to love this book...I liked it, but I'm not sad that there's not a sequel."

    That is exactly how I felt about this book.