Monday, January 3, 2011


I'm not sure why but every time I think of the word "impossible" or read it I can only hear it in my head as the character of Susan in the most recent movie adaptation of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe says it the first time she enters Narnia.

But this is definitely not Narnia...this is a Nancy Werlin book!  So here is the summary as I remember my mother telling it to me in the bookstore (which convinced me to purchase it*) with a few more details thrown in for good measure.

Lucy Scarborough comes from a line of women cursed to bear daughters and go crazy.  Her ancestress, Fenella, scorned the love of the Elfin Knight making him so angry he cursed her: she will be his lover and bear a daughter, unless she completes 3 impossible tasks: to make a shirt with no seams, to find an acre of land between the sea and the sea strand, and to plow it with a goat's horn and plant it with one seed of corn.  If she fails, the curse extends to her daughter and if she fails, to her daughter....  Generations of Scarborough women could not defeat the curse and nearing her 18th birthday the Elfin Knight comes for Lucy.  However, she has advantages that none one else in her family ever has: the internet and foster parents who will stand with her through anything.  As my mom said, that sounds kind of hokey but it works - and she was right.

Hooked yet?  This is one seriously fabulous story if I do say so myself, and I can because it's my blog after all.  Oh and if I didn't have you at generational craziness or Elfin Knight, I'll play the trump card - sizzling romance between Lucy and her childhood friend, Zach.  Inspired by the lyrics of Simon & Garfunkle's song "Scarborough Fair" Werlin weaves a story so old yet completely modern.   

I have posted here the cover of the paperback because that is the copy that I read.  Also, I think it's a better cover than the hardback version. 

*I went in with the intention of buying one book....I left with 4.

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